Monday, 15 May 2017

Steven George GUILTY as charged

Been so busy with my real life lately, I quite forgot Steven George was up to court sometime in May. Looks like he was found guilty ... he claims he isn't, and I make no comment as to that. I more interested in this .. 

 'Patient B' as in the Savile Broadmoor NHS report. Of course anyone with half a brain-cell could work out that Steven was 'Patient B' - here's one I made earlier 

From one of my better blog efforts 

Got right close to the truth back then didn't I guys and gals ? You always know when you're right - THEY don't like it ! Read the comments you'll see what I mean. 

Then, when you've finished - try reading this one too ! You see, Steven George was one of the MAIN Savile accusers. His stories took us into hospitals - the NHS and a very large pay-day for the likes of Liz Dux and Co 

How well I remember how I felt when I wrote the following

Let me just repeat those last few lines 

Bingo Slater and Gordon now have the NHS and the BBC in their sights. And the star of their show is Steven George, who - just a few years later would be convicted himself  and place on the sex-offender register. 

 What's more, he doesn't seem to mind who knows 

He's 'not quite right' is he ? something we used to say when we could still say such things without being locked up ! 

When you're corrupt, there's always plenty even more corrupt than you are. 

Come on Steven, spill the beans - did you make a compo claim ? 

Want to read Steven's views of his court case etc ? Go to his twitter feed 

Thursday, 27 April 2017

NHS negligence claims - the facts, not the fiction please

More than two years ago this headline appeared in Press TV whoever they are 

Originally sourced here 

This story has re-appeared in the last few weeks, because now, we are being told that the amount currently set aside has doubled. OK, money set aside for things, I kind of get that, the prudent among us set a little aside for a rainy day. But, HALF your total income ? I think not, I don't care how much rain falls on my roof ! Let's investigate shall we ?

First thing I wanted to know is WHO are the people who 'manage claims against the NHS' ? The NHS Litigation Authority (NHSLA)  Here's what they say on their site. Always go straight to the horses mouth folks, so you know where you stand, don't take other folks words for it 

Now, guys and gals, read the next paragraph properly and remember it. I'll be referring back to it in due course 

Now, this site is very useful because it's here we get to see their accounts. I'm concentrating for the moment on the 2011/12 report

That's £180 for Mr Walker and slightly less for Mr Fothergill.

In March 2012 the NHS 'global liabilities' (rainy day money) was said to be in excess of £18 billion 

 Not sure if the press picked up on this in 2012 but in 2013

And, who's to blame for this avalanche of claims ? Take your pick folks, but don't forget the contribution Jeremy Hunt makes with his new law

It's all very complicated folks and I've no intention of making myself ill working it all out. So I'll make it as simple as I can for now. Firstly, here's a breakdown of  who gets how much in legal fees according to the NHSLA's latest figures

The claimants appear to get the lions share with their lawyers a close second. Not sure why the claimant's lawyers get so much in comparison to the defendant's (the NHS) lawyers but I'm sure someone will tell me why they claim more ?

 But, let's hear from the other side for a moment shall we ? This is actually a very good read because, apparently the fault lies with the the NHSLA themselves, for daring to defend claims and basically dragging things out. 

We've heard this line before haven't we guys and gals ?

Now, doesn't the NHSLA continually maintain that it keeps costs down by settling 96% of these claims 'out of court' and 'cost effectively' ? 

You see, as complaints grow, more staff are needed to handle these complaints 

As a designated complaints departments or staff tend to deal with the complaints, the NHS spends a lot of money on staffing costs. If only their replies to patients would satisfy the patients’ need to be heard and for their complaint fully investigated, this might be money well spent. Most patients or their relatives just want the truth to come out, their questions answered, and to receive an apology where it is due. They are not after money.

I'm sure that in many instances people complaints don't begin with an intention to get something for nothing. Most folk just want the best care for themselves and their loved ones. They want answers when something goes wrong especially when that something leads to death or long-term harm of either you or that loved one. 

Would I sue a hospital or anyone else the NHS indemnifies if I was left in poor health as a result of a mistake they made ? Damn sure I would,  but I'd be far happier if I didn't have that problem in the first place. 

But, getting back to the money, can someone, anyone, explain just what the following means ? I couldn't find figure 9 by the way 

Discount rate change ? What the hell is that and why is it costing us £25 billion quid ?

So the cost of this PROVISION or rainy day money, appears to have risen from £28 billion to £56 billion in just one year. 

But that's not what's actually being paid out guys and gals. That figure is about £1 billion, no, this is, you know, I don't bloody know what it is but I'm doing the best I can to figure it out. More importantly, I want to know how it's increased so much when the actual number of claims haven't increased that much. You see, it seems to be down to the government again folks. Our fucking useless, uncaring, bastard tory government. Read on

Then I looked at the NHSLA figures (page 107 of the latest report folks) 

 That's me done for now folks - have a good look at the facts and the figures and tell me what you come up with. 

One thing I'm sure of, this is being handled very badly. But let's not blame the poor sods who, in my opinion, deserve to be financially compensated if their health is seriously affected by medical mistakes. Remember what the NHS is there for. It's there to look after you, not kill or maim you isn't it ! Funny how these negligence claims have shot up since the cuts were implemented. Tired, overworked people make mistakes.

Sunday, 2 April 2017

Savile accuser stands trial

This one 

A little bird tipped me off a few days ago. Being a responsible blogger I wanted to be sure it was true. A contact sent me extracts from Steven George's Facebook page ! 

Goodness Gracious, yesterday I looked for Steven on twitter to make doubly sure. If he was singing on FB maybe he'd be doing the same there. No luck, then today I found this. My memory is not so hot at the moment, he uses his pen name on twitter. He has some brass neck I'll give him that 

His alleged crime ?

Strange how the MSM are NOT reporting on this 

I've done several blogs about Steven George - I knew I'd be going back to Broadmoor again and again .... 

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Liz Dux, her heart and her 'one accuser'

Remember how excited we all got when the mail on Sunday published this ray of hope ? 

 Well, that was just one of two articles printed in the press, seriously challenging the authenticity of the Savile claims. There's been no more since ! In fact, we don't even know what - if anything, happened  the so-called 'criminal inquiry'. What a bloody let down. Where's the bloody outrage ? Rhetorical questions folks - I've long since given up hoping anyone would answer my pleas. 

Think of this blog (all of it) as a sort of virtual time-capsule, and that, hopefully, sometime in the future, someone will want to know why nobody questioned the Savile caper. And, if they look hard enough, they'll find me and a few others, who dared to speak up and out against this injustice. 

Anyways, back to business. The subject of today's ditty guys and gals is our old mate Liz. I was wondering how she was getting on in her new job, and I found this !

Looking good there Liz, you're obviously happy to have escaped the failing Slater and Gordon. Good for you ! But, what's this about the stories that stay in your heart ? Folks, I took the Times of London up on their free trial just so I could bring you this !

 Niche work - if you have the heart to do it I guess. Let's see what else she says shall we ? Let's get to the point shall we Liz ? What about the money ?

 Liz acted on behalf of 'eight victims' of Rolf Harris. Not sure if they've had their 'closure' yet ! 

 Max Clifford's haven't had their 'closure' yet. According to Liz, according to the Times of London that is !

 Now, here's where them who bother looking for my time-capsule get to use their brains in a way that would be inconceivable to anyone of influence just now. Here's where Liz and Co basically slip up. Here's where one uncovers the inconvenient truth that some people are just plain liars. 

 Because last year 

Now, this is important folks ! Even the press bother to join some dots when it suits them ! 

'one accuser' hold onto that will you. The next bit will make you angry, very angry 

False accusations kill. Let me repeat that for my friends here and in the future. False accusations KILL ! Maybe not directly, but it can't be good for one's health to be FALSELY accused of such things at any time. That's just common send isn't it ? Imagine how her poor husband felt !

'one accuser' - who ended up in prison himself 

'one accuser' who just happened to be represented by ... 

 I mean, that's what it says in the paper. Liz Dux represents 'the accuser' ! She can always correct them if it's wrong. Given her form for NOT correcting incorrect press reportage of significant errors regarding her claimants. I won't hold my breath 

 One influential person in the here and now, joined a few of the dots, the one's that fell within his remit that is !

Liz doesn't mention her Janner 'accuser' when interviewed by the Times of London. She does however object very strongly to any notion that any of us might have that most, if not ALL of her accusers, might be motivated by money ! 

“I get very cross with people attacking Savile’s victims as being about compensation. It was never about that for them and they did not get huge amounts of money because of the problems with the insolvency of the estate.

But, the Savile estate was only the first port of call in her accuser's compensation journey. Even old Joshua Rozenberg, the thinking man's hack, wondered where the cash might be coming from. The thinking men who repeatedly defend the right to a fair trial and the presumption of innocence, yet forget all such rights when it comes to the dead Savile, even going so far as to actually aid and abet this gross injustice when they write

A month later, we all knew where some of the money was coming from. It was coming from us !!

Liz's little 'niche' was certainly paying off for her ! Meanwhile, her accusers whose only interest was in 'closure' and 'justice' and finally getting their voices heard .. 

Making sure the estate (read Charity as in good causes) would be blamed for daring to defend itself in the High Court, she went on and on with her fight for her niche market (read shares and work in progress projections etc etc) 

 The 'amount' didn't reduce for her company though did it ? They got their fee, their accusers got their end and the full protection of the law because, unlike the falsely accused of this world, they can NEVER be identified, even if their accusations turn out to be lies. Like that ...

'one accuser'

And, at the risk of repeating myself .. bear in mind what Henriques said about that 'one accuser'. Surely the same logic could and should have been used by SOMEONE the moment the Savile game began ? 

 Earlier this year, retired High Court judge Sir Richard Henriques criticised the decision not to prosecute Lord Janner in the 1990s. Sir Richard told the Mail on Sunday that he was aware of the claims against Mrs Fitt, which “plainly should have figured” in the decision about whether or not to charge Lord Janner.

In other words, why was this one accuser taken seriously in the first place ? Had Liz Dux's crew never heard of Mrs Fitt who died at the age of 44 after being accused by him ?

After all, we now know, what was always there to be known, had anyone bothered to check out Jimmy Savile's one or two accuser's ! But, of course, the police had already done that, hadn't they ? 

And, don't say no-one ever warned the likes of Rozenberg about the dangers of Liz Dux's particular 'niche', because they did. They even had a big to-do about it in Parliament in 2002. Need I say more ? 

Well done David Rose and the late Richard Webster. Your efforts were not in vain. And, neither are mine !!