Tuesday, 24 September 2013

In seven weeks time a group of people who have never met will walk around the lake in Roundhay Park Leeds with one hope in their heart.  That hope is to see the name and memory of the late Sir Jimmy Savile restored to where it was before a BBC journalist decided to attack this kind, gentle man just two days after his death.

The main stream media have presented so many lies about Jimmy in the last 12 months that some might conclude that any resistance would be futile.  I disagree, I believe in the power of Good and Truth and Honesty.  I'm no journalist, I'm no writer and I haven't a clue how this blogger thing works so you'll have to excuse me if this first effort of mine doesn't turn out so great but, well at least I'm trying, and you know what guys and gals, you can achieve a hell of a lot if you just try  !

Here's what people can do when they give a damn about other people :

They can raise £10,000,000 for Stoke Mandeville Hospital

They can walk from John o' Groats to Lands End 3 times for charity

They can give up their free time to porter sick people around hospital wards

They can give most of their OWN money directly to charitable causes

Jimmy Savile raised at least £40 million for charitable causes during his life.  He was NEVER charged with any crime and he was loved by millions.  Not one person of any influence has dared challenge the mighty press in their disgusting vilification of this wonderful man.  So it's up to us, ordinary folk to help Jimmy like he helped us.  I'll be in Leeds on October 29th in Roundhay Park at 1pm, I'll bring my rose petals and I'll walk proudly round that lake with like minded souls - See you there then !


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  2. Welcome to Planet Blog rabbitaway!!
    A very nice statement, from the heart.

    When you were kind enough to guest-blog for me, you touched me greatly with your opening paragraphs, and I hope any new readers to this Blog will take a moment to refer to your previous, very erudite works on this terrible media tower of babble, deceit and Untruth.

    Here are the Links:

  3. Well thank you Sir - Kindness begets Kindness does it not !

  4. keep going-the truth must out.

  5. The vilification of ageing celebs is tasteless and pointless, how does this "protect" the children of now? The vilifaction of Jimmy Savile is particularly evil, and it scares me to see how much power the gutter press wields over the average soap-watching "consumer".

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    2. Just deleted me own comment - I'll get the hang of this yet !

      @core - absolutely right - it's time ordinary folk woke up to the fact that they are being taken for a ride !

  6. Thanks for the comms guys and gals - I know most of them are mine but it's nice that you bothered to join me here, I didn't expect any responses at all - Big Smiley face to y'all !!

  7. All the best on your new blog Rabbitaway!

  8. Rabbit - one step at a time! Walk the walk. Keep blogging, they're watching. And this is how we get to the truth.

    The mills of God grind slowly, but they grind exceeding small.

  9. Thanks - as always.

  10. I remember him on the Lands End to John O'Groats, but can't for the life of me remember the date. Sometime in 1975, I think, but all the biographies are really hazy. He did John O'Groats to Lands End 1971.

    Anyone remember exact dates?

  11. Wonder if you've changed your minds now you bunch of bigoted Cunts.